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One of the most significant tools that a driver needs for their own safety is utilising technology. Technology has really come a long way in making roads in the UK much safer. In addition, it has made it easier to capture traffic offenders, thus avoiding hazards on the roads. For learners currently under the tutelage of driving instructor, the biggest challenge they face is staying in control of the rear of the car. However, with the development of cameras, this no longer needs to be a source of worry for them

Significance of Rear View Cameras


One of the greatest challenges that instructors face is people backing over individuals or children. This is in part due to the inexperience newbies have.

However, it is also because the rear view mirror is inefficient in giving a clear view of the rear. For instance, a small pet or a child may not be visible in the rear view mirror. This is where technology plays such a pivotal role. By giving the learner a clear view of their rear, accidents can be reduced to almost zero.

Another area of concern among driving instructors is during lane changing. This is especially crucial on busy highways. A small mistake when making this change to another lane could lead to a major pile up. This endangers both the life of the trainee and the instructor.

With a good rear view camera, the instructor ensures both his or her safety and that of the learner. It also ensures that he can give better instructions to the trainer, thus ensuring they are able to pass their exam.

With more motorists on the road now, having a good feel of the environment has never been more crucial. Rear view cameras are also crucial during parking. For instance, on parking lots, there are all manner of people. Some are pedestrians, while others are fellow motorists. A learner could potentially run into one of these. They could also hit major infrastructures such as a transformer or other electrical installation. The consequences of such as accident might be very dire. It could lead to both the instructor and the learner being electrocuted right in the car.

This is the reason why a rear view camera is so crucial. However, not just any camera will do. The camera needs to have a wide angle and be clear enough to make navigation realistic. If the angle of the camera is too narrow, it could actually have more negative consequences than any potential benefits.



It is quite clear that a rear view camera has numerous potential benefits, especially for driving instructors. These are among the most at-risk passengers because they deal with the inexperienced drivers on the major highways every day. Technology can go a long way in making their job much safer. As a rule, instructors should make sure that learner actually walks around to the rear of the car. In this way, they are able to minimise the risk of a potential accident from taking place.


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